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What’s new from Gladiator Garageworks 2013

Exciting news about what’s new from Gladiator Garageworks 2013

This spring includes new product introductions for 2013 while some old favorites return.  Also being showcased at the home and hardware shows this spring are a line of durable office storage and workspace products

Garage Appliances

Gladiator finally started manufacturing garage refrigerators again with the redesigned Chillerator® Refrigerator. The list price for the Chillerator is $1,299 and it includes a built-in heater to keep the unit from freezing up in cold garages in the winter. The Chillerator has a stainless steel exterio9r diamond plate finish to compliment the Gladiator line if products. The appliance is ENERGY STAR® rated and is designed so that during the hot summer months it prevents condensation from forming. It accomplishes all this while using less energy than a 40-watt light bulb.

Other appliances besides the Chillerator garage refrigerator that Gladiator is introducing include the return of the Freezerator Garage Refrigerator. This previous Freezerator was a convertible fridge meaning it could be all freezer or the top section could be used as a refrigerator. We are looking forward to see exactly what features will be included in the Freezerator.

I am especially excited to see the modular refrigerator. When Gladiator GarageWorks first came on the market, I purchased one of the first modular refrigerators to roll off the assembly line. I found my modular refrigerator to be a handy garage refrigerator that fit perfectly beneath my Gladiator workbench, keeping my favorite beverages close at hand. The original modular refrigerator was short lived however with no word until now if it would return. Gladiator has hinted at a few version of the modular fridge including a kegerator version that would be super popular, and bamboo top option. I’m hoping these are not just concept models and they do indeed manufacture them for our enjoyment.

Storage Products

Rack Shelving measuring 77 inches wide by 72 inch high, these 24 inch deep heavy duty shelving units can store some serious weight.  With a per shelf load capacity of 2,000 pounds, the Gladiator Rack Units are the perfect solution for storing heavy bulky items such as tires, Christmas decorations, luggage, riding gear and more.  The beauty is how quickly they assemble and can be used wherever you need additional storage. Not only at home in the garage, these shelves are perfect for the shed, basements, storage rooms, or even an office.


Several additional concept products we’ve seen are the Jumbo XL Cabinets. The Jumbo XL featured a set of sliding bamboo doors. Also testing the waters in the office furniture line, Gladiator brand is teasing an office suite in an attractive office Everest White color. If all these products come to fruition expect availability and pricing later this year 2013.

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