Freezerator Convertible Refrigerator-Freezer

Ahh…… the controversial Freezerator convertible refrigerator-freezer. While it’s little brother the Chillerator has great reviews on the web, this big brother Freezerator appliance is often misunderstood. Many people purchase the Freezerator not totally understanding what it really is. It’s true that the Freezerator is a convertible Refrigerator/Freezer, but it is really a Freezer first and […]

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Gladiator GarageWorks Double Tool Hook

This  hook is the one you need to store those garden Shovels and Rakes up out of the way.  With a weight capacity of 25 pounds per hook and measuring 3.25-Inch wide x 4.5-Inch high x 10.5-Inch deep, this Tool Hook safely holds long-handled items perfectly. It is also great for  life jackets, baseball bats, golf bags, racquets, lawn chairs, hemets and […]

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Color-Matched Screws, Gladiator GarageWorks GAAC0232RY 32-Pack

No more guessing what size screw is required to fasten your Gladiator GearWall Panels and Gladiator GearTrack Channels. Not only are these screws the perfect size for securing your storage panels for maximum load capacity, the color-matched painted screws blend in perfectly for a professional installation. Don’t use any old screw! Buy your Gladaitor color-matched […]

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Gladiator GarageWorks GAAC30STPB 30-Inch Stool

From the Manufacturer Take a load off your feet on the Gladiator stool, the perfect complement to your Gladiator workbench. The stools are great for projects where you want to sit while you work and also make a great place to cool down and enjoy a drink after working out or mowing the lawn. Add […]

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Gladiator GarageWorks GAWEXXDHSH Deep Hook

From the Manufacturer The 7.5-Inch wide x 5.25-Inch high x 11-Inch deep welded steel Deep Hook holds heavy items and has a weight capacity rating of 30-Pounds per hook, based on lab test of 120-Pounds per hook. It is great for ladders, snowboards and sawhorses. It can be easily hung and repositioned on Gladiator Wall […]

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