Steady Rack Easy Bike Storage

SteadyRack Easy Bike Storage

Steady Rack Easy Bike StorageHere’s the most clever Bike Rack I’ve seen yet. Here’s a really Unique Bike Storage Device – Mount the Steadyrack onto any wall and easily swiveled your bikes to either side to maximize storage space. Install Steadyracks bike racks side-by-side or dot them around the garage as well as overlapping them to keep multiple bikes stored neatly. With the bikes up on the wall, it’s simple to drive your vehicle into the garage or move about the area without stumbling over obstacles. No heavy-lifting needed – unlike other hooks or racks requiring lifting off the floor, anybody is able to place the bike within the guide and taking advantage of the gravity action to secure the bike.

Universal fit – it’s appropriate for many standard bikes and wheel dimensions from small children’s bikes to large bikes.  Safe and simple to use – Without any chance of bikes falling over or falling from the rack which causes it to be far better to use. It’s versitile design prevents damage to valuable property like cars or any other bikes. It’s simplicity makes it well suited for whole family and the unique patented design allows you to store your bike with minimum effort. No worries about steadying adjacent bikes as you try to remove yours. The pivoting action enables you to save space and simply remove your bike. Kids can even perform it without adult supervision.

  • Folds Away – Once the rack is empty it folds up and clips into place getting rid of any chance of someone hurting themselves walking by.
  • Stable and secure – once the bike is in the rack, it’s safe and can’t be dislodged easily. To discourage thieves the bike could be locked into the rack using a bike lock.
  • Simple to install – The Steadyrack includes simple to use instructions on setting up the Steadyrack. All fixtures are incorporated within the packaging

The concept of the Steadyrack is sheer genius: a rack that enables you to definitely hang your bike on the wall and pivot it to use up less room. The Steadyrack holds your bike safely and, unlike many wall hooks, does not put tension on the wheels or spokes. If you have full fenders on your bike, this version of the Steadrack simply will not work. They offer a version which will accommodate fenders, however i could not find any proof of its existence…

The instructions make setting up just one rack relatively painless. Regrettably, they offer no guidance regarding how to space them when setting up several on the wall which has studs spread 16″ apart. it can be hard to position a rack on every stud unless of course the handle bars are narrow or if the racks are installed to ensure that the handle bars are in different levels. You could mount a 1 x 6 to the wall studs first though and then you can space them however fits best. Really the only disadvantage I see is the product cost. For those who have more than a few bikes to hang, the cost of storage can add up fast.

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