Gladiator GATB302DRG GarageWorks Tall Gearbox Cabinet

These Premier Series cabinets are the ones I really like. Since they are welded, the doors don’t seem to tweak on uneven floors, and they can handle a heavier load than a RTA (ready to assembly) cabinet. It amazes me how much storage room is actually inside this cabinet because it doesn’t look that large from the outside. I have two of these Gladiator Tall Gearbox Cabinets in my garage. I keep old 5 gallon buckets full of cleaning supplies, waxes, and solvents stored in one. My second Tall Gearbox Cabinet has my life jackets, ropes, squirt guns and water sports tube stowed away. I’m sure you can find plenty of items to store in yours! My wife wants her own for her gardening supplies. Sounds like a great Birthday surprise to me 🙂

Although these cabinets come with big heavy-duty casters, you can mount the cabinets up on the wall if you desire. The casters do need to be bolted on when you receive your cabinet, so this is a perfect time to mount it to the wall. I happen to like mine on wheels so I can rearrange my garage quickly if need be. I also like to roll all my stuff out of the garage and give it a good cleaning a few time a year and this makes it super easy.Gladiator Tall GearBox

The cabinets are the right height for additional storage up on top too. I bought some cheap gray storage bins that fit perfectly on top to store my shop rags and safety gear. It looks good and provides convenient and economical additional storage.

So how big is the Gladiator Premier Tall GearBox?
It’s 66 inches tall by 30 inches wide and 18 inches deep and built so well that it comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

I bought mine from Amazon because they are a reputable company, usually have them in stock, ship them fast, and offer FREE SHIPPING! Here’s a link to where I buy the Gladiator GarageWorks GATB302DRG Premier Tall GearBox Cabinets

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