Gladiator GarageWorks GAWESB6PSM Small Item Bins, 6-Pack

Gladiator GarageWorks GAWESB6PSM Small Item Bins, 6-Pack

I’m generally not a big fan of open storage containers because they collect dust and bugs along with whatever you are storing.  However, some people love having commonly used items close at hand …. especially if your garage is the local repair shop.  These Small-Item Bins are designed to organize items such as nails and screws, but you can put whatever the heck you want in them.  I have rolls of electrical /masking tape, and Hot Wheel Cars in mine. 

These storage bins hang securely on both GearWall Panels & GearTrack Channels but you can quickly remove them and take them directly to the job site.  They have little feat that provide a nice steady base for the bins when not attached to the wall.  These feat also act as locking tabs to allow stacking the bins on top of the workbench.  You’ll appreciate the large openings allowing thick fingers easily access the contents.  The finishing touch is the handy 10 stick-on labels that come with them to quickly identification the items stored inside the bins.

The bins measure 4.5-inch wide x 4-inch high x 7-inch deep.  As with all Gladiator GarageWorks products, these bins have an extremely generous rated weight capacity of 5-Pounds per bin.  Grab your Six Pack of Gladiator Storage Bins.

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