Gladiator GarageWorks Survey of Canadian Garage Owners

GARAGEWORKS NEWS RELEASE:  Canadians admit to seven sins of garage disorganization

A recent Gladiator(R) GarageWorks survey found that Canadians garages are not the organized oasis they dream of.  The majority of Canadians (76%) claim they’ve tried to organize their garage within the last year, but only 7% admit that it is truly organized.

Why? According to the survey, there’s a good chance that Canadians are guilty of at least one of the following seven sins of garage disorganization:

Sin No. 1: Procrastination – Almost one third (29%) of Canadians are organizational procrastinators putting off the task of cleaning their garage.
–   Ontarians (35%) and Atlantic Canadians (31%) are the most likely to put off cleaning their garage. Residents of these provinces are also most likely to say they don’t have time to clean.

Sin No. 2: Frustration – Almost one quarter (24%) of Canadians get annoyed and frustrated when they can’t find things in their garage.
–   Atlantic Canadians (38%) by far experience the most frustration locating items in the garage.

Sin No. 3: Abandonment – More than 20% of Canadians admit to using their garage as a dumping ground for unwanted items.
–   Women (24%) are more likely than men (16%) to use their garage to keep things out of sight and out of mind.

Sin No. 4: Garage Envy – 17% of Canadians admit to being envious of a neighbour’s garage.
–   Residents of the Atlantic provinces (27%) are most likely to admit being envious of a neighbour’s garage.
Sin No. 5: Hoarding – 17% of Canadian men admit to keeping so much stuff in their garage that it can’t be used for its intended purpose (to park a car).

Sin No. 6: Despair – One in ten Canadians (10%) has given up on having the garage of their dreams.
–   Ontarians (13%) are most likely to say they’ve given up on having their ultimate garage.
Sin No. 7: Stink – Fortunately, only 2% of Canadians admit to ever having found an unidentifiable foul odour in their garage. In related findings:
–   Almost half (44%) of Canadians use their garage to sort recycling or to store garbage.
–   5% of Canadians have never cleaned out their garage.
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About the survey:

The Gladiator(R) GarageWorks survey was conducted between February 23-25, 2010, through an Ipsos Omnibus online questionnaire. A total of 1,011 Canadians (513 men, 498 women), aged 18+, who have a garage, were surveyed.

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