Charcoal Floor Tile, 48-Pack of Gladiator Tile

Gladiator Charcoal TileWhen your looking to upstage the Joneses by creating the utlimate garage showplace, start with Gladiator Garage Floor Tile Covering. Not only can you make custom patterns with the colors of your choice, the Gladiator GarageWorks Floor Tiles quickly covers right over cracked or stained garage floors without the preparation and hassle of messy liquid coatings.  Get a super cool looking garage floor that is not only attractive but also durable enough to handle even heavy SUV type vehicles. The best feature of garage floor tiles is you can simply unsnap large sections of the floor and load them at the bottom of the moving van if you ever relocate.  Keep your investment with you when you move!

The tiles are the foundation to a  complete flooring system consisting of Drain Tiles that provide a flow-through deisgn for floor drains access as well as Edge Trim pieces to create that polished look. Each tile measures 1-Foot x 1-Foot  so you get enough tile to cover 48 sq feet in this pack.  The tiles are designed to resist nasty garage and automotive chemicals while handling the extreme temperature of the garage environment.  Create your design using the available colors (blue, white, silver, charcoal, black, and red).   You can get a great price on the  48 packs of Charcoal Floor Tile here at Amazon.

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