Storage Cabinets

Gladiator GarageWorks GAWG241DRG Premier 24-Inch Wall GearBox

Not everybody has a lot of storage space and that’s what makes the smaller Premier 24″ Gladiator Wall Cabinet the perfect fit for those tighter places. Sometimes, larger cabinets can make it difficult to find specific items without digging in with your claws. You’ll find these 24 inch wall cabinet make a great home to […]

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GarageWorks Premier 30″ Wall GearBox

You will find these GarageWorks 30″ Wall Cabinets the perfect solution for storing pain, oil cans, power tools, and even you hardware organizers.  The 2 full width adjustable shelf’s make it it easy to accommodate a variety of items with six different positions available.  The generous depth of the 30″ wall cabinets provides perfect storage […]

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Gladiator GarageWorks GAVT18SPSX 18-Inch VersaTop Work Surface

The VersaTop Work Surface is designed to sit across the top of the two Ready-to-Assemble Steel Modular GearBoxes to create an attractive and functional garage work center. Go a step further by adding two Steel Modular GearBox Caster Kits for a mobile workstation. The 56.4-Inch long x 17.7-Inch deep x 1.42-Inch thick work surface sets into […]

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Gladiator GarageWorks GALG36KDWG Ready-to-Assemble 36-Inch Large GearBox The Gladiator GarageWorks GALG36KDWG Ready-to-Assemble 36-Inch Large GearBox is a durable steel cabinet designed to be a customizable storage unit for your garage. With three, full-width shelves that can hold up to 45 pounds each, a magnetic door latch system, and heavy-duty leveler legs, the 72-inch-tall GearBox is a versatile cabinet that will help […]

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Gladiator GarageWorks GAWP082PMY GearWall Panels, 2-Pack

Here’s the heart of the  Garage Storage System.  These Gladiator GarageWorks GearWall panels turn your garage walls into heavy-duty storage space.  They are sold as a 2 pack  of one-foot-high by eight-foot-long sections.  The panels are compatible with all Gladiator GarageWorks wall products accessories and are designed to hold up to 50 pounds of weight per linear foot. You can cover […]

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